Committee members

Juliana Bernardi

I love meeting new people and being around friends & family. I enjoy attending events, gatherings & parties. I moved to Adelaide in May 2007 with my partner.

I started volunteering for BASA in 2008, helping in general and with the organisation of events. In 2018 I was appointed the new BASA President. I am excited about the growth of our community in South Australia and I foresee the benefits that this will bring. New opportunities, more support & partnerships, talented hard work & highly skilled people, more challenges in preparation for the future. I am passionate about sharing and promoting the Brazilian culture.

I like helping people, sharing my local knowledge & engaging in networking. I am a wife, mother and hold a full time position as an administrative assistant for the State Government of South Australia since June 2007. I am fully committed to assist the community in many areas whilst a volunteer for BASA. Hobbies: play volleyball/basketball, attend sporting events, keep a regular social life, travel, navigate the internet, watch TV.

Ana Lucia Marques Britto


My name is Ana Lucia. I arrived in Adelaide with my family (my husband and 2 children) in January 2010. My son is a University student and my daughter a High school student now.

I have been volunteering with the Brazilian Association since I arrived. In 2016, I became a Committee member, and in 2018, I was elected Vice President.

I enjoy connecting with people, talking about Brazilian culture and finding ways that we can keep it alive within the Australian culture.

I work at a High School as laboratory technician and teacher, I also volunteer at LMASA (Laboratory Managers Association of South Australia) as a Committee member.

Emilly Franca

Emilly is a Brazilian trusted Chartered Accountant who was raised in Dias D’Avila, a municipality in the state of Bahia in the North-East region of Brazil. Her journey is one of passion, empathy and drive to help clients and others around her.

She moved to Australia in 2015, where she completed her degree of Commerce (Accounting and Finance) at Torrens University. Currently, she works as a Client Manager in a mid-tier accounting firm in Adelaide.

Her mission in life is to do good for others. “I am grateful for the opportunities I have been given – both personally and professionally. I, therefore, want to give back where I can. I am a proud Brazilian-Australian woman and strong advocate for diversity and inclusion in the workplace.”

She is passionate about making the world a better place. She is always involved in community events.

As a treasurer of the Brazilian Association of South Australia (BASA), she believes that is an opportunity to give back to the community. In conjunction with BASA, she also runs some workshops to assist local businesses and new arrivals to understand their tax obligations in Australia.

Ranielson Santana

Ranielson Santana, a native of Recife, Brazil, is a passionate volunteer dedicated to making a difference in his community. His commitment to community engagement and support is exemplified by his involvement in CALD (Community Action and Leadership Development) initiatives.